Nina Bohdan at work

Since the early 1990's, Nina has presented her works nationally at art centres in Moscow, some of which are legendary, including Gostiniy Dvor, The Central House of Artists, Manege (Manezh).

Due to the crisis situation in Eastern Europe during the late 1990s and the subsequent difficulties to exhibit and introduce art, Nina took the decision in 2004 to move to Western Europe where she could continue her work and express her talent.

The liberal atmosphere of Antwerp had an inspirational effect. She continued her education at Antwerp Art Academy KASKA DKO from 2005 and explored Flemish painting styles.

In 2005 Nina’s work was introduced to the international music and scientific communities through her illustrations in the book ‘De la théorie musicale à l'art de l'improvisation’ (Delatour France), an Ircam Centre project.

In 2006 she became a Winner of the Best Technique Award in Uccle, in 2007 gained the Best Technique award at the 4th Biennale for oil paintings in Brussels.

From 2007 to 2010 she focused on her new expressionist style series Strangers in your Dreams.

Since 2005 Nina has worked with European galleries and partners, and annually participates in the Open Atelier of Antwerp, promoting Belgian art development.

Nina and her family live in Antwerp where she works full time as a studio artist.

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